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Where is Singapore private residential property market heading in 2018/2019, the answer lies clearly in the price $ppr that developers are paying right now before break-even price & profit margin.

Finding and purchasing a place called "home" is one of the biggest and most important financial decisions that we have to make in our lives. In addition to paying for a home that is within one of the most expensive in the world as comparable to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, New York, and London. A purchaser will very likely have to take up a home loan that will stretch for the next 15 to 30 years of his/her life.

Careful planning is needed when it comes to working out the financial to ensure affordability and holding power in the long term when it comes to choosing a home or as an investment.

Real estate can also be a good hedge on inflation. This works when you think of real estate as a commodity, to live in, work out of and participate in leisure activities. As inflation drives up the price of goods and services, the price of this commodity should also rise in tandem with demand and supply, and other economic factors like interest rates, employment rates, population growth, government housing policies, GDP rates etc.

Inflation not only affects the prices of goods and services but also the wages of employees to be able to still afford those goods and services. This means that as long as there is demand for a certain property, it will likely continue to act as a good hedge against inflation in the long term.

Below are some of the properties that may be of your interest.






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