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Mass-personalisation and collaboration leading the way for retailers

Mass-personalisation and collaboration leading the way for retailers.

LAST December, SK-II's revolutionary smart store concept landed in Singapore as part of the brand's move to create unique and personalised consumer-led experiences for their consumers.

The Future X Smart Store wowed visitors with its immersive and intuitive state-of-the-art technologies which provides them a personalised skin analysis, then displays the recommended SK-II products via the Smart Beauty Bar and teaches them how to attain crystal clear skin.

With the digital economy coming to the forefront, SK-II is one of several retailers which are evolving in the way they market and engage shoppers to accommodate more participation from the ground up.

Shoppers can now be involved in co-creating products, with social media helping to identify shopper expression and amplified product wants that shoppers are keen to associate themselves with.

Source: https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/hub-projects/property-2019-march-issue/mass-personalisation-and-collaboration-leading-the-way-for

Adapted from The Business Times 21 March 2019